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    Welcome to TheSocialCEO!

    The relationship between you, the association “CEO”, and social media is a challenging one. For all CEOs, social media raises two very important questions:

    • What does social media mean for my organization?


    • What does social media mean for me personally and professionally?

    At a very minimum, a CEO today needs to at least understand enough about social media to make an informed decision about if and how his/her organization should be engaged with social media tools, campaigns and the allocation of resources.

    We belive that not every CEO will or should become a social media fanatic.

    However, because social media is now a major force in how people collaborate, make buying decisions, get their news and form decisions, it would be foolish for senior organizational leaders to not make an effort to understand how to use social media as a strategic tool.

    In addition to the two questions of "What does social media mean to me personally as the CEO?" and "What does it mean for my organization?", there are other questions you might be asking:

    • Should I blog? Should I have a Twitter account?
    • Which brand am I really putting forward, me or my company?
    • What do I have to be aware of from a liability/risk point of view?
    • What are the upsides and downsides to having a more public profile?
    • How should I get started?
    • How should I communicate with staff, customers, stakeholders?
    • Should I use ghost writers?
    • Should I "friend" staff?
    • How do I handle requests for recommendations?
    • Why is social media important for my company?
    • How can we use social media for:
      1. internal communication and productivity,
      2. talent recruitment,
      3. sales and marketing,
      4. customer engagement,
      5. customer service,
      6. competitive intelligence,
      7. public relations,
      8. crowd sourcing and new product development, 
      9. develop new markets,
      10. reducing the cost of sales, etc. . .
    • Should I be looking at mobile tools for my workforce?
    • How much do I really need to know about social media as the CEO?
    • Who on my team should "own" the social media portfolio?
    • When, where and how do I need to involve legal?

    Getting answers to these questions should be part of how you and your organization develops its social media strategy and guidelines.

    If you are the CEO of an association and would like the opportunity to speak exclusively with other CEO's about how to use social media, you will want to join this free, peer to peer community.

    The objective is to help CEO's understand their unique role in the use and application of social media; personally and for their organizations.

    For information on social media strategy, research and reports, we recommend to visit