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Facebook is the world's largest social network platform with an estimated 1.23 billion registered users as per December 2013. Facebook was launched in February 2004 and was originally for university students to connect with one another. Facebook's open networking approach and ability to have friends interact with one another, sharing photos and "status updates" helped Facebook to grow rapidly.

Today, it is a publicly traded company and has recently acquired Instagram and Whatsapp social networking applications in an effort to grow and protect its dominant position. A global platform, Facebook supports more than 70 different language versions. 

Facebook's more casual look and feel can make it inappropriate in some cases for business applications or for CEO's as their primary social media presence.     


The exception is in those cases where your brand is closely affiliated with pop culture or is aligned with the much more personal nature of Facebook. This applies, for example, to consumer products, entertainment, sports and similar industries.

The current trend for companies on Facebook is to develop "Fan Pages". Users then indicate that they "Like" the particular company or product. This indication is displayed on their personal profile and acts as a signal to their circle of friends and contacts that the product or service might be of interest to them. A good example of a successful Fan Page is for the Clorox Brand displayed below:



If you are in the business to consumer space, Facebook just might be the primary social media platform for your efforts.