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Blogging is the act of sharing your thoughts in an informal style through publishing online. The format can be as short as the 140 characters allowed on a micro-blogging platform like Twitter or full page articles using traditional blogging tools like WordPress.

Many organizations have turned to blogging as an approach to develop a more personal connection with customers and stakeholders. 

Hints and tips for would-be CEO bloggers:

  1. Consider what is your personal "brand" and how do you want to be perceived?

  3. Think about who your target audience is? This should help define the content you want to share.

  5. Building a following takes time, have patience. Quality is more important than quantity as you build your following.

  7. Be aware of disclosing confidential or "insider" information. Assume anything your write online will be shared widely.

  9. Be prepared for critique, you will get negative feedback, it is inevitable. Sometimes having a critic helps to sharpen your message.

  11. Be thoughtful about how often you post. Do not write just to fill a void, write when you have something worth saying.

  13. Use your blog as an opportunity to demonstrate thought leadership. Blogs are a great tool to provide perspectives, views and insights that draw on your experience and knowledge.

  15. Keep it relatively short. The essence of editing is to remove as much as possible until it cuts into your message.

  17. Be truthful and accurate, your reputation depends on it.

  19. Be yourself. At the end of the day, blogs are about personal expression.  


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